Alas, Poor Ford…

I got to the claims office and met my friendly claims representative, Ken. As we were stepping out to look at my car, he took one quick look through the glass door and asked, “is yours the blue one?” When I told him yes, he responded with, “yeah, that’s definitely a total loss.” Looks like just to repair the body work would be over $4,000. That’s not including paint or the busted light or anything. All told, it would be somewhere around six or seven thousand to fix the car.. . . Read More!

I should stop driving blue cars.

So I’m walking out to my car this morning. It’s parked on the street, and I’m approaching it from the front. My first thought is, wow, did I really park it that far from the curb? I’m a terrible parallel parker! Then I get up to the driver’s side and see a police department business card stuck in my door. I think to myself, Awww, crap, did I get a ticket for parking too far from the curb? But there’s no sign of a ticket under either windshield wiper. And. . . Read More!

"Reality" TV

Spike TV. Television made for men, but awesome enough for a woman. We watched an episode of Joe Schmo tonight. What a great reality show … I wonder why nobody ever did it before. It’s a staged reality show: every contestant is an actor, except for one. There’s one guy who thinks he’s actually in a game, on a show, for real. Scott and I are hooked. Had a meeting/rehearsal thingy for The Lost Folio this evening. I feel like I’ve been in some sort of Shakespeare immersion for the. . . Read More!