Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Last night, I tortured Scott and watched the four hour presentation of Oklahoma! on PBS. It’s part of the Great Performances series, and starred Hugh Jackman as Curley. Yes, that’s right. Hugh Jackman. (And when I hear that name, my brain automatically turns it into Huge Ackman.) The man has a fantastic singing voice.

It was a pretty good show, but an eerie experience for me. I haven’t seen a production of Oklahoma! since the one I was actually in, some dozen-plus years ago. So all of the dialog was spookily familiar, and I still knew all the songs. Fascinating.

During the scenes where Curley fistfights with Jud Fry, Scott kept commenting that “now would be a good time for his claws to come out.”

I’ve decided that if I ever write a musical, it will be a nice and tidy 45-minute affair. None of these 10 minute dance breaks or lengthy dream ballets or anything.

Yahoo! Messenger. Good times!

I turned on Yahoo! Messenger. Always good for a laugh, since total strangers can see that you’re online and just chat you up. It would appear this one found me through my Yahoo! LaunchCast station, since they’re commenting on my dubious musical tastes. Yes, I like the Spice Girls. They’re entertaining fluff. Deal with it.

dancinchica2145: hey
the_missy: Yes?
dancinchica2145: u like the spice girls?
the_missy: Sure, why not.
dancinchica2145: u do
dancinchica2145: weirdo
the_missy: Thanks, stranger. You’re too kind.
dancinchica2145: but the spice girls r weird
the_missy: Oh, “r” they? I had no idea.
dancinchica2145: theyre gay
the_missy: I seem to recall most of them marrying men.
dancinchica2145: how old r u
the_missy: 85
the_missy: 12
dancinchica2145: no u aint
the_missy: 194
dancinchica2145: u 12? and u like da spice girls
the_missy: No matter what my age, obviously I lack your eloquence.
dancinchica2145: u freak
the_missy: Please forgive me, I tend to only write in complete sentences.


Letterman’s kid was born. They named him Harry.

Scott hears this and says: “So that means Leno is going to go over to their house and try to kill them all, but he’ll just leave baby Harry with a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead.”

Glad I wasn’t trying to drink anything at the time.

News of Life

Well, there’s good news, and then there’s bad news.

Let’s go bad first. Scott’s mom is in the hospital. She’s having a flare-up of some kind of infection in her back. But while there, she started to have some sort of “heart episode.” They checked, and at least two of her major arteries are 90% blocked. They would go in and do an angioplasty and put in some stents, but they can’t until the infection in her back is cleared up. So right now they’re blasting her with antibiotics and keeping her fairly sedated. It may be a week or more until they can do the stents. And if those don’t work (which they didn’t last time) then it’ll mean bypass time again. She’s already had bypass surgery once before, so the family is … I don’t want to say “used to this,” but at least they know what to expect. I’m hoping for the best, because I actually really like my mother-in-law.

With any luck, we’ll be able to get over there the weekend after this one and spend some time with her.

Now, onward to the good news. The insurance adjustor called with some figures for my car. From the NADA report and Kelly Blue Book, we were expecting a car in such good condition, and with such low mileage, to get just under $3,000. However, we were fully expecting them to offer less than that.

Offer for the car: $3739.81. YEAH!

Technically, we’re selling the car to them for that price, then we’ve been given the option of buying the car back for a little over $300. Which we’re going to do, because the engine is still in fantastic shape. I don’t mind driving a car that’s had it’s ass smashed in. In fact, I’m trying to come up with a good bumper sticker to put near the damage to warn off other drivers. Any ideas?

At any rate, we’re getting a check in a few days. We’ll hold on to it until we get the car checked over for roadworthiness by the state and are issued a new title. Then it’ll be time to think about a scooter or two.