Eat It, IRS!

I’m packing up the taxes so they may dash their way to Fresno, California for processing. This is the first time for Fresno; I used to send them to Ogden, Utah. Another first (at least in the last few years) — I get to use the yellow “no I’m not sending you money” label. That’s right, it’s refundsville, daddy-o! Not much of a refund, but any tiny bit coming back is better than having to cut a multi-thousand-dollar check

It does kinda irk me that after making me do all these calculations, and filling out that bastard of a 1040, their envelope isn’t postage-paid. So now I’ve got to waste a couple of precious Duke Kahanamoku stamps. Oh well; two 37¢ stamps are probably worth not having to worry about taxes for another year.

On a complete side note, I had to search five online ASCII tables before I could find the code for the “¢” sign. But I needed that authenticity. Can’t just go around saying $0.37 like a fool. Just another patented example of Missy’s Anal Nature&#169.

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