Pirates = Fun

Pirates of the Caribbean was just fantastique. A big, dumb, fun romp. Johnny Depp was absolutely delightful (though Scott has seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas so many times, apparently it looked to him like Hunter S. Thompson playing a pirate).

I can see why the ladies like Orlando Bloom, because he is indeed a good looking guy. But he also seems a bit … nonthreatening and effeminate. He’s got those big moist doe eyes and frequently looks like he’s about to cry.

After watching The Invisible Man last night, Scott pointed out something that I should have noticed, but didn’t. The leading lady, Flora, was played by Gloria Stuart, who played the old Rose in Titanic. Very cool. Looking at her filmography, she was in nine films in 1933, including The Invisible Man. It certainly was a different way of making movies back then.

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