Update: Police Report

All right, now I have the police report in hand. The “febrile old coot” driving the other car (a 1978 Chevy Caprice 4-door, by the way) is certainly old. The guy will turn 85 this year. His excuse for the accident filled me with rage as soon as I read it. The report reads: “Driver #1 said that the lights from oncoming traffic made it difficult for him to see the small scooter.” Now, you’re taking a left turn. You don’t have a left arrow, just a green light. So. . . Read More!

Oh, what a night!

A night at the emergency room On every other day, my esteemed other half gets home somewhere between 5:20 and 5:30 in the evening. Last night, I had to leave for a rehearsal at 5:40 and he still wasn’t home. I was starting to be concerned, but there were plenty of reasons for his lateness — maybe he needed to stop for gas, or he hit the grocery store, or perhaps he got a late start and was stuck in some rush-hour traffic. But being the pessimist I am, and. . . Read More!

Oy Vey.

Got in to work to find out that our store was burglarized last night. And the retail store guy keeps referring to it as a “robbery,” which pains me in a semantics way. Anyhoo, they broke the lock on the front door and stole the cash drawer from the register. They also took some batteries from the display, two pair of socks, and some very cheap hats and gloves. Despite the fact that much more valuable and expensive merchandise lines the walls. Retail Guy tells me he’s already been reamed. . . Read More!

A Tale of Some Poker

All rightie. So last night Scott and I went up to the Swinomish Casino (located near Anacortes, a little over an hour north of Seattle). Scott was doing his comedy thang, and just like last time he performed there, I accompanied to take part in the 7pm Hold’em tournament ($10 buy in, no rebuys). This time, since we knew from previous experience that the tourney takes less than two hours to complete, Scott played too. So then, for your enjoyment… We decided to head out early and have dinner on. . . Read More!


I love the musical The Fantasticks. However, I now have to wash the taste of the movie version out of my mouth. They deleted songs. They rewrote songs. They hacked chunks out of songs. The acting was so-so at best, as was the singing. Joey McIntyre as the boy-in-love was atrocious. Not only is his voice reedy and weak, he looks like the dumbest person ever to crawl the earth. All of the simplicity, the beauty, the magic of this play have been sucked out. I’ve seen the play several. . . Read More!