Open Letter

Dear Guy Who Lives Across the Hall: Funny thing, I wasn’t aware I was living in some sort of dormitory. I thought this was an apartment building. As such, perhaps it’s not that great an idea to just leave your door hanging wide open while you’re slumped on your futon watching TV. And if you have to have the door open, how about turning that TV volume down? An also, if you have to have the door open, how about cleaning up that fetid pigsty in which you live? And. . . Read More!

Opening Weekend

I just got back upstairs from moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer, so now it’s an hour of the waiting game. Le sigh. Opening weekend went very well. We had around 45 people in the audience on Saturday, and a stellar ~75 on both Friday and today. It was very weird finishing the matinee performance today and walking out into sunlight. T-minus three more weeks until I can cut off this hair and bleach what’s left — it’s at that unmanageable point where I loathe it fiercely. . . Read More!