And then some…

While at the grocery store, I picked up a little pamphlet from our friends at Kraft. The front boasts, “Counting Carbs? Count on Kraft.” Inside are supposedly “delicious recipes”. The very first page has a compare-and-contrast chart between a “counting carbs” diet and “counting calories” diet. And it’s pretty obvious that Kraft doesn’t really cotton to this whole low-carb thing, even though they’re making products to specifically cater to it. Per Kraft: “Carbohydrate fuels our brain and muscles; 130g a day is the minimum required for brain function (aim for. . . Read More!


I have Photic Sneeze Reflex … just like around 2/5 of the world’s population. This means if I need to sneeze, I can trigger it by looking at a bright light. And sometimes going from somewhere very dark to somewhere very bright can make me sneeze too. Scott does not have PSR. Once again, until I discussed it with him, I thought it was something that everybody did. Crazy! Read More!