Project Loratadine – Day 1

So a month ago, I had a nasty bunch of sniffles and coughing and post-nasal drip and overall yuckiness. It took a long time to get better, and I never really made it back to 100%. About a week ago, it came back. Once again, it’s sniffles all the time, ultra snottiness, and coughing spells at night from the drip. I thought it was a pair of colds. My she-boss thought it sounded more like allergies. I’ve had hay fever problems before, but it’s just never been this bad. Nevertheless,. . . Read More!

Bowling for Charity

So what an interesting time I had at the bowling thing. It was a charity event for the Seattle Policemens’ Guild, so that was cool. There was a raffle for various donated prizes, from baseball caps to a cool electric guitar. In keeping with my personal streak, my raffle tickets didn’t win a single thing. Though I believe everyone else in my group won something. The last time I bowled was also the last time I did this fundraiser, some two years ago. Two years ago at this time of. . . Read More!

Mixmaster, Mixmaster, make me a mix

I will, thanks to the class I just took, soon be the proud owner of a Washington State Class 12 Mixologist Permit, able to mix and serve any and all alcoholic beverages. Of course, if they’d just leave me alone to read the booklet, I could have been out of there in a half-hour. But no, there was a video. An hour-and-a-half video. Ugh. Read More!

Bluey Lives Again!

Dig if you will, a picture: Scott and I leaving the theater last night. We’re in my car. The car starts up just fine, runs fine, but all the way home there’s a weird high-pitched noise coming through the radio, even when I turn the volume down. Sounds like something in the electrical system doing something it’s not supposed to. We get home, and when I open my door the dome light flickers and gets dim, and the automatic doodad that makes the shoulder belt cruise along the door frame. . . Read More!