Work Vignette

M: Me J: Coworker J J: I need to see a doctor or something. M: Why? J: I think I have allergies. M: I take this over-the-counter stuff, it’s great. J: What is it? What’s in it? M: It’s the same stuff as Claratin, Alavert, all of those. J: I don’t know … I just don’t know about putting that crap in my body. (J exits to enjoy his half-hourly cigarette break) fin. Read More!

What I Didn't Learn

Don’t know why I thought of this, but here ’tis. There are certain things that other people learned in their public schooling career that I just didn’t learn. And some of those things seem to be fairly universal — something that almost everyone has done/learned. It’s not like I had poor attendance and missed the teaching of these items … unless it was all crammed into, say, a single day when I was out sick. Heck, I got an award for excellent attendance. So here’s what I didn’t learn: Square. . . Read More!

Phrases that should be eliminated

“The Customer is Always Right.” Asshats galore try to use this one as some sort of universal law. What none of them seem to understand is that this was an advertising slogan for a department store. Saying this phrase is roughly equivalent to claiming, “Coke is it!” In actuality, the customer is frequently wrong, a whiner, and a moron. “It Never Hurts to Ask.” Scott and I agree that the only good thing to ever come out of the radio advice show “Rhona at Night” was when Rhona Raskin said,. . . Read More!

Anonymity ROCKS!

So I was playing some online poker this morning over at Poker Stars. I decided to pop in at a play money table, and doubled my money in the first ten minutes or so. Then, a charming player by name of “MoneyIsGAY” came into the room, sat down, and put forth the following chat: MoneyIsGAY: MISSY U STUPID **** MoneyIsGAY: GET THE **** OUT MoneyIsGAY: PIECE OF **** SWEAR FILTER (please note, swear words are automatically replaced with the appropriate number of asterisks. So I’m guessing I’m a stupid something-harsher-than-bitch-which-is-four-letters-long.). . . Read More!

Reality Check

So TiVo, sweet TiVo, didn’t get the last ten minutes of Joe Schmo 2. All of the ads say that it will start at 11:15 on Monday nights … so of course, TiVo records from 11:05 to 12:05. Bad TiVo! We’ve seen most of the episode … the whole inclusion of Ingrid, the new player Amanda, and so on. But we haven’t seen the wick-lighting ceremony, and we don’t know who gets evicted. So please, no spoilers! I like what they decided to do with Ingrid, and I think she’ll. . . Read More!

Doing the things a spider can…

Scott and I went and saw Spider-Man 2 today. I will agree with many others, it was a very very good superhero movie. My observations: I did find the whole middle part of “I don’t want to be a superhero anymore” a bit long. Then again, I’m the person who thought that Pulp Fiction was “too talky, not enough action”. Tobey Maguire, just like Orlando Bloom, looks like he’s about to cry a lot of the time. However, Tobey Maguire has a really nice ass. The preview for Cat Woman. . . Read More!