Thrift Scores

Got a lot of good stuff thrifting yesterday. Not only was Value Village having a 50% off everything sale, but the smaller and harder to find Thriftko was also doing the same thing. I’m glad I went to the Village first, because the Thriftko was so quiet and non-crowded it was like a breath of fresh air.

The lines at Value Village were going up the aisles. Of course, the aisles have merchandise on both sides, so the people waiting in line should have been considerate of those still shopping. But these people being humans, they blocked the entire aisle with their carts full of tawdry garments and sticky children.

I went down the jeans aisle, only to find a woman and her cart almost completely blocking my size. I said, “excuse me, I’d like to look at that section next to you.” She moved her cart over to the other side of the aisle, and I started browsing the jeans.

I had my headphones on, so that my music could attempt to override the shrieking and yammering of the crowd. Nevertheless, I heard a woman who was behind the aisle-blocker speak.

“Just block her in,” said this woman. “It’s OK, she works here.”

I looked up, confused. The employees all wear red vests, and I was wearing a white shirt. The employees probably don’t have headphones on, and I’d wager the employees would actually put items ON the racks, as opposed to taking them OFF the racks and adding them to the variety of garments slung over their arm.

I asked the lady, “Are you talking about me?”

“Yeah! You work here, right!” Her reply wasn’t even a question, but a statement.

“No, I don’t work here.” I turned back to the jeans.

After a few moments, and the line moving up slightly (whoever the woman told to “block me in” didn’t opt to do so, and so I continued browsing my way up the aisle of jeans), I heard her yammering again. “Sure looks like she works here, har har har.” She didn’t even seem embarrassed at her mistake, just kept making dumbass unfunny jokes.

I don’t understand this. I’ve been accused of working places many times, and I’ve never once looked like I actually work there. Headphones, a completely different color of shirt, flipflops … I just don’t see what part of that screams “employee.”

Maybe I just have that haunted job-hating retail look in my eyes.

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