Playing the "Baby Card"

So as you all know, I’m one of those “BabyHaters” that the bigwigs up in Washington are always warning you about. But the thing that a lot of people fail to understand is that it’s not the children I dislike, it’s the breeders that make them. Not parents — because parents actually take part in parenting their children, teaching them lessons, and so forth. Breeders are the ones who make the babies, but then don’t appear to give a crap about molding those kids into being productive members of society.. . . Read More!

Duran Duran Concert: 2005

I’m importing some old posts from an old blog. Even though I’m giving them their original dates, they may still feed out now. This post is from March 10, 2005. The Duran Duran concert last night was just awesome. Do newspapers still do concert reviews in the arts & entertainment section? I never understood why, since the concert is already over and done. It’s not like people are going to be able to read the review and say, “Let’s go see that concert!” My friend Amanda and I started out. . . Read More!