Workplace Theater

Workplace Theater presents: “Good” Backstory: Garage Guy D is the assistant manager down at one of the garages, and sometimes brings that garage’s paperwork to the main office. He’s the only smoker in the whole company, I think . . . his paperwork always reeks of stale cigarettes. Here’s a standard conversation between me and GGD: GGD: (rings doorbell) ME: (opens door) GGD: Hey, how are you? ME: Good, how are you? GGD: Eh, it’s Tuesday. Every time I return the useless, non-caring “how are you” crap, he answers with. . . Read More!

Workplace Theater

Workplace Theater Presents: “Carrots and Potato Chips” The backstory: Coworker B has a bag of those peeled baby carrots in the company fridge. The previous day, she’d offered that if I’d like to eat some carrots, they were there and available. An unrelated-to-the-theater fact is that she’s constantly munching on them at her desk. For hours. Loudly. Anyhoo: CB: Coworker B SK: Skinny Boss ME: Moi SK: Hey, CB, I had some of your carrots last night. I was hungry. CB: That’s OK, no problem. SK: They were really good.. . . Read More!


Person #1: So on one of the audition notices I put up, I had to include a phone number. I put in my message line (555-66-MISSY) which records voicemails and delivers them to my email as a WAV file. On the audition notice, I put very plainly to contact me via email. Just got a message from a guy, asking if he really had to bring a headshot. So I called him back and left a detailed message on his voicemail, all about how we’d at least need a snapshot,. . . Read More!


Let’s talk Star Trek. I’m asking the eternal question: Who was the best captain? Also, what’s your criteria for judging the best captain? A while back, Scott got into this very conversation with a woman. She claimed Kirk, he claimed Picard. She was all, “But Kirk is so much more fun to watch!” Scott countered that with his opinion that Picard was a better captain because he was more sensible, less hasty, more of a thinker and less of a let’s-go-make-sweet-alien-love-immediately kind of guy. She looked at him strangely and. . . Read More!

Workplace Theater Presents…

Workplace Theater Presents: “The Star Wars Conversation” CB: Coworker B ME: Me BB: Big Boss BB: (on the way out the door) I better get these parking passes to the movie theater so they give me my Star Wars tickets! (BB exits, approximately two minutes of silence) CB: How is James Cameron able to do all of those Star Wars prequels? ME: Uh, what? CB: How can James Cameron make those Star Wars movies? ME: What Star Wars movies? CB: You know, those prequels that he did. ME: I don’t. . . Read More!