I love watching Scott play video games, because I get to enjoy helping strategize and finding hidden treasure and stuff without having to learn the controls and such. Lately he’s been playing Mercenaries, which is an awesome game. It’s broken up into four parts, based on the suits in a deck of cards. I didn’t see him play any of the Clubs contracts — I only started watching him play halfway through the Diamonds. So I figured I’d start up with a different mercenary (he chose Nilsson, the insane murderous. . . Read More!


War on Christmas, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. I think my biggest problem with wishing people “Merry Christmas” throughout the month of December isn’t that it’s offensive to people of other religions (though I do believe it can be), but that with every other holiday, you tell people to enjoy that holiday on the day of the holiday. Man, I wish that for the month leading up to my birthday, people would wish me a happy birthday. But it’ll never happen. And it’s not like the entire month of. . . Read More!

Dealing and Misc.

Had a good casino party gig last night out at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, formerly the Four Seasons. Very swank. Only one guy tipped me, but it was a nice tip. Afterward, I was standing out on the sidewalk waiting for Scott to pick me up. I got to watch the well-dressed folks and their taxicabs at both the Fairmont and across the street at the W Hotel . . . man, from what I saw, you’d think Seattle is a taxi-heavy city. But if you watched The Amazing Race,. . . Read More!

Yesterday's Giggage

First off yesterday, there was a mid-day improv show. It was for a group of 50 or so administrative folks from a health care insurance company. When we first got there, we heard the dreaded words from our contact: “You guys are a surprise!” I hate it when we’re a surprise. Usually, it means that the employees haven’t been told that there will be any entertainment at their holiday party, so they’re all prepared to do nothing but drink and chat amongst themselves. Then we show up, and steal away. . . Read More!