Dealing and Misc.

Had a good casino party gig last night out at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, formerly the Four Seasons. Very swank. Only one guy tipped me, but it was a nice tip.

Afterward, I was standing out on the sidewalk waiting for Scott to pick me up. I got to watch the well-dressed folks and their taxicabs at both the Fairmont and across the street at the W Hotel . . . man, from what I saw, you’d think Seattle is a taxi-heavy city. But if you watched The Amazing Race, you’d have a much better idea of the true taxi load in this city.

This chick walked past me on the sidewalk, gabbing on her cell phone. The back of her jacket had something written in glittery cursive. At first, I thought it said “Apple Blossom”, but then I looked closer, and saw that it really said “Apple Bottom”. What?

We’re probably going to go out to the airport today, to trade in our vouchers for actual plane tickets. Then our Disney World plans will be solid.

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