Person #1: So on one of the audition notices I put up, I had to include a phone number. I put in my message line (555-66-MISSY) which records voicemails and delivers them to my email as a WAV file. On the audition notice, I put very plainly to contact me via email.

Just got a message from a guy, asking if he really had to bring a headshot. So I called him back and left a detailed message on his voicemail, all about how we’d at least need a snapshot, something clear of his face, so we can remember who he is during the after-audition decision-making process.

He called back immediately. I answered with hello, and instead of identifying himself, he started with: “Yeah, someone just called me from this number.”

WAIT TWO MINUTES, butthead! Maybe that caller left you, I dunno, a MESSAGE?

Person #2: A girl wrote me an email expressing her interest in the auditions, but she had some other questions about the show. Silly thing, she didn’t include those questions in her email. So I wrote back, offering to answer any questions she has, she just needed to ask them. What commenced was a series of four emails, each with different groups of questions, such as: “Is this for television, or audience only?” She asked if there was a website, and I sent her the link. The next question was: “Will this take place on weeknights, weekends, daytime, evening, or both?” . . . despite the show times/days being clear on the website. I was patient and pleasant with my answers.

Her last one was sent this past Friday, and in it she wrote, “See you tomorrow!” I wrote back reminding her that auditions weren’t Saturday the 14th, they were Saturday the 21st. She wrote back:

Oh gosh, I don’t know what made me think that the auditions were tomorrow. I’m not going to be able to make it. I have an acting workshop from 9:45 – 5:30 on the 21st. I’m so sorry.


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