I love watching Scott play video games, because I get to enjoy helping strategize and finding hidden treasure and stuff without having to learn the controls and such. Lately he’s been playing Mercenaries, which is an awesome game. It’s broken up into four parts, based on the suits in a deck of cards. I didn’t see him play any of the Clubs contracts — I only started watching him play halfway through the Diamonds. So I figured I’d start up with a different mercenary (he chose Nilsson, the insane murderous Swede — I picked the British chick, because the other guy was a surfer dude and seemed boring).

It took me 3 days to get through all of the Clubs contracts, and now I’m hooked playing this damn game. I’m pretty much using my sniper rifle on everybody, because it’s my favorite video game weapon. At least this game isn’t open-ended — you can do one contract at a time and try to manage your time.

In the next few weeks, my TV docket is going to get much more full. Lost comes out of hiatus on 1/11. American Idol will be back, as will Beauty and the Geek and Dancing with the Stars (although the “stars” seem just as b-list as the first season). Not to mention good-looking new shows like Love Monkey (with geeklicious TV boyfriend Tom Cavanaugh). I don’t know about Skating with Celebrities, but I’ll give it a shot.