Childhood Memories

So I’m going in for casino orientation on Monday. The orientation is going to be held in a bingo hall attached to a cardroom. Thinking about Bingo brought back some cool childhood memories for me. For probably 10 or more years of my childhood, my folks had a lot at Port Susan, this camping club near Marysville out on the Tulalip reservation. The place enchanted me as a kid — it was a bunch of woods and winding roads, with teardrop-shaped lots along all of the roads. Each lot had. . . Read More!

Quel Week!

Last week. Whew! I was in both Reality World shows over the weekend — and won the one I was competing in. Last season, I went 5 straight final-twos without winning, but then finally won the last show of the run. Looks like my luck has finally turned. I hosted one, and while it took me a little bit to get into the groove, I really felt on my game. It was awesome. Scott fiddled with our old PS2, and finally got it to recognize controllers in both ports (when. . . Read More!