Cherries & Casino

I got the 2-pound container of Rainier cherries at Costco last week. They’re good, but they’re not as good as whatever brand Safeway has these days. But even the worst Rainier cherry is way better than a bing. We had a staff meeting at the casino today, and got some big news. Though they first prefaced it with small news, mainly that we’re going to have contractors coming around shortly to put in bids to paint the walls and replace the carpet. Which is good. But then the big news. . . Read More!

Media du Jour

TV: I tried to get into the new show Windfall, but it’s an ensemble piece, and I don’t give a crap about most of the characters. Oh well, at least I have Hell’s Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance and the not-too-awful Treasure Hunters to get me through the summer. And the new season of The Venture Brothers Read More!

Casino Deeeealer

So yesterday, I became a totally official casino dealer. I even have an ID badge with my picture on it. I did a 10-hour shift, which was a LOT. Here in Washington, casinos can be open for 20 hours a day, so most of them have two 10-hour shifts, and full-timers work 4 days a week. But I won’t necessarily be working 10s in the future — a lot of times, people want to leave early, or split a shift in half, so I should get plenty of much easier. . . Read More!