Quel Week!

Last week. Whew!

I was in both Reality World shows over the weekend — and won the one I was competing in. Last season, I went 5 straight final-twos without winning, but then finally won the last show of the run. Looks like my luck has finally turned. I hosted one, and while it took me a little bit to get into the groove, I really felt on my game. It was awesome.

Scott fiddled with our old PS2, and finally got it to recognize controllers in both ports (when we first started it up, it wouldn’t recognize any controllers). So he’s started up with Ratchet & Clank and the first Sly Cooper. I don’t play many games myself, but I do enjoy watching him play, and helping him spot things to collect and such.

And in my usual habit of putting the most important item last, I got offered a job! I went to a casino Friday and requested an audition, since the teachers at dealer school found out they were specifically looking for girls. The audition was WAY easier than the one I had to do to graduate school. A little Pai Gow and Spanish 21, and we were done. So now I have to go get fingerprinted for my gambling license application, and find some cheap Hawaiian shirts for my “uniform”. It takes a couple of weeks to get the license, so I figure I can start work in about 3 weeks. Huzzah!

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