The Continued Washingtonization

Earlier this year, a block away from our apartment, a new little strip mall was built with a Starbucks Coffee and Washington Mutual bank. An eerie pair of Washington things.

Just the other day, we took a slightly different route to the Costco and noticed a building that looked very familiar, with a very familiar sign. Sure enough, it appears that Seattle-based Mexican food chain Azteca is just about to open a location near us. So now they have 28 locations in Washington, 2 in Oregon, and a mysterious 2 in Florida (the other is in a city called Davie; I don’t know where that is). They have “Now Hiring” signs out right now, so hopefully they’ll be open for business soon. I don’t understand, but I certainly will enjoy.

O Frabjous Day!

Today has, so far, been a day full of win. First off, we went out to Access Control and I traded in my white generic Disney ID for a full-color beauty with my picture on it. I’m now totally and utterly official!

Since we were out that way, we decided to celebrate my 90-day mark at the Magic Kingdom. So we cruised over thataway (getting a very up-close parking spot in the process) and headed in. We rode Splash Mountain, we rode Big Thunder Mountain, we had some Disney-grade lunch. Then it was over to Tomorrowland for a couple of rides on the PeopleMover and once through Buzz Lightyear.

We got FastPasses for Space Mountain, and headed in at what turned out to be the perfect time. We got in our car, started out from the load platform, got partway up the lift hill, and then the ride broke down. We ended up sitting on the lift hill for 15 minutes or so (where it was air conditioned, and the seats were comfy) — we could see up ahead that the work lights were all on inside the ride. Apparently something was dropped from a car and set off a sensor. Eventually, they started the lift hill back up, and we got to ride Space Mountain with all the lights on. It was SO awesome.

We got off the ride and as an apology, they gave us FastPasses to re-ride. But they aren’t just Space Mountain FastPasses — they’re valid for a FastPass admission to ANY ride in the Magic Kingdom, they don’t expire until July, and we each got two. Since a second ride in the dark wouldn’t be anywhere near as awesome as the fully-lit ride, we’re going to hold onto them for a future visit. Maybe next Friday, Scott’s birthday — I’m just now eligible for my first paid personal holiday (I’ll get three total this year, but no paid vacation until 2008) so I’m taking his birthday off.

Soon I’m off to work, where hopefully my day continues to be golden.