The Continued Washingtonization

Earlier this year, a block away from our apartment, a new little strip mall was built with a Starbucks Coffee and Washington Mutual bank. An eerie pair of Washington things. Just the other day, we took a slightly different route to the Costco and noticed a building that looked very familiar, with a very familiar sign. Sure enough, it appears that Seattle-based Mexican food chain Azteca is just about to open a location near us. So now they have 28 locations in Washington, 2 in Oregon, and a mysterious 2. . . Read More!

O Frabjous Day!

Today has, so far, been a day full of win. First off, we went out to Access Control and I traded in my white generic Disney ID for a full-color beauty with my picture on it. I’m now totally and utterly official! Since we were out that way, we decided to celebrate my 90-day mark at the Magic Kingdom. So we cruised over thataway (getting a very up-close parking spot in the process) and headed in. We rode Splash Mountain, we rode Big Thunder Mountain, we had some Disney-grade lunch.. . . Read More!