Ah, Thursday

Thursday is my longest workday of the week. It’s also lately turning into my busy day. Today I went to the eye doctor to pick up my glasses and new contacts — I get to go back next Thursday after wearing the contacts for a week, to make sure they fit right. I also went to have some new pants hemmed, which meant a trip to Creative Costuming. I got to go to Disney-MGM Studios and drive backstage, behind the Tower of Terror. Very cool. The backstage studio lot tram. . . Read More!


I’ve had to keep this under my hat for a while, but now it’s “out there”. Scott has been emailing back and forth with Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) for a couple of months, with Adams offering various pieces of comic strip advice. A couple of weeks ago, Adams made a proposal: to run a sort of reality show in his own blog, where he offers the advice publicly and shows some of the discussions. Here’s the first installment. EDIT: Yes, the basicinstructions.net site is pretty much crashed again, just. . . Read More!