So, Seattle.

What a great little trip. To start with, Continental Airlines still feeds you meals on their flights. I’d become used to Alaska’s technique of making you pay 5 dollars for a little box of various snacks. Thanks, Continental! The shows were all great — I felt a little rusty doing the Flick, but each night got better (everyone was spectacular in Saturday’s show, IMO). As for the Jet City shows — I wasn’t prepared for the slower pace on Friday. I was freaking out a lot of the time, thinking. . . Read More!

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

Scott just posted the news over on his own blog, but I’ll spread the word here as well. The contracts are now signed for the first Basic Instructions book. It will be published in the near future (date currently unspecified) by our new friends at Dark Horse Comics. There are no words, aside from “awesome”, to describe how awesome this is. I’m so delighted for him! 2007 is continuing to be a hell of a great year for us. Read More!