Myriad Thingies

Basic Instructions was the pick of the day over at Yahoo! Picks on November 8th. I’d never heard of Yahoo! Picks, but it looks like they’ve been around for at least a couple of years. He got a nice little blurb from them. Today we applied for a new apartment. Fingers crossed, people! There shouldn’t be a problem, but you know me … I always expect to be rejected for some weird-ass reason. Hopefully we’ll hear back this next week, after all the background checking and such. It’s a much. . . Read More!

Apartment Hunting

Now that we’ve decided to rent for at least another year before we buy a place, we’ve been out looking at apartments the last few days. Our current lease is up January 31st, so it’d be nice to get a new place in early January — what a luxury it would be to have a couple of weeks to move and clean in a leisurely and thorough fashion. The most awesome thing we’ve found so far, that many apartments offer, is “valet trash” — you no longer have to haul. . . Read More!