Myriad Thingies

Basic Instructions was the pick of the day over at Yahoo! Picks on November 8th. I’d never heard of Yahoo! Picks, but it looks like they’ve been around for at least a couple of years. He got a nice little blurb from them.

Today we applied for a new apartment. Fingers crossed, people! There shouldn’t be a problem, but you know me … I always expect to be rejected for some weird-ass reason. Hopefully we’ll hear back this next week, after all the background checking and such. It’s a much nicer apartment in a MUCH nicer neighborhood. I can’t wait to get away from the shouting couple next door, and the guy who plays his music incredibly loud at 6am somewhere in the building, and the shrieking children who play outside our unit, and so on.

The new IKEA opens on Wednesday the 14th. We work opposing shifts, so we can’t get out there together until Friday. But you know we’ll get out there. Excitement!

The weather is fantastic these days — high 70s during the day (and not painfully humid) and high 50s at night. Apparently we can expect this kind of weather for the next few months.

Work goes well for both of us. The cats are in fine fettle. And otherwise, things are good.

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