Meat Orgy!

Scott’s editor from Dark Horse is in town, accompanied by his wife. I took them into one of the parks yesterday, and am heading out this morning to get them into the Magic Kingdom.

Last night, they took us out (on the company dime) to the Texas de Brazil Brazilian steakhouse (warning: linked site is Flash, and blasts music at you). It’s a churrascaria restaurant — the kind where a team of “meat waiters” come around with skewers filled with meat, and give you a chunk of whatever you want. Everyone has a little coaster, red on one side and green on the other, to signal the waiters whether or not to bring on the meat.

I had so much meat — chicken, sausage, flank steak, sirloin, garlic filet mignon, the list goes on. And the 60-item “salad bar” (which was more like an assortment of marinated dishes [hearts of palm, cheeses, salamis, shrimp ceviche, smoked salmon] than the lettuce-and-such bar that we know) was amazing. Everything was delicious, and we all left the place stuffed and in a meat coma.

Now I definitely know where to take people for any kind of fancy-but-fun eating experience with incredibly good food. Dinner is pricey, but they’re also open for lunch as well, for a flat $25 per person.