Project Sourdough, Part 3!

Time is totally the key to sour flavor. 6:00pm – mix dough, leave for work 2:00am – get home from work, punch down dough, go to bed 10:00am – get up, punch down dough, knead, form loaves 2:00pm – bake! Yep, the dough sat and rose/fermented for a whopping 16 hours. But for all that time, I barely had to pay attention to it. And I didn’t worry about temperature — the dough rose at room temp, which ranged from 72° to 77° through the night. The loaves were flattish,. . . Read More!

Project Sourdough, Part 2!

The sourdough bread is made, and the sourdough bread has been tasted. It’s definitely more sour than the first time, although it’s still a relatively mild flavor. I used some science to change what I did. First off, take a look at my starter. It’s still doing beautifully — I fed it last night before going to bed, and marked the level. You can see that overnight it rose to over double the size, leaving behind a high-tide line. By this morning, it was back down (but still higher than. . . Read More!

Project Sourdough!

Here it is, guys — my sourdough starter project. It took a fortnight and some patience, but I’m finally ready to publish my results. First off, I pimped my mixer. The “Classic White” was kind of boring, so I got some vinyl decals to make it more cool. A few hibiscus flowers make anything look better. (I initially wrote “hibiscus flours”, ha!) I firmly believe this will now make anything I bake a little more groovy. I looked around online, and there were a ton of recipes and guides. But. . . Read More!

The Old Apartment

We still haven’t received our deposit back from the old apartment. I looked up Florida law, and our landlord had 15 days to give us a check, or 30 days to send us a letter saying that she’d be keeping some/all of our deposit. Beyond 30 days with no contact, we’re entitled to the entire deposit back, whether or not she’d like to keep any of it for repairs. I waited until day 31 (today) and sent her an email, just a friendly “what’s up, haven’t heard from you, let. . . Read More!