Que Sera Sera

We had an island-wide meeting this afternoon, and the news has broken at the Orlando Sentinel — as of September 27, 2008, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island will be closing. This means that my job ends in three months. On the pro list, it’s nice to have three months to find another job. There are plenty of opportunities here at WDW, and they’ve told us all that the company will work as hard as they can to get us into new Equity roles. On the flip side, it. . . Read More!

Food Porn: Sourdough, Pizza, Crackers!

More baking has occurred. Including some alternate uses of sourdough starter. First off, we now make our own pizza at home. The dough is really easy (it’s not even sourdough, it’s just made with regular store-bought dry yeast) and it’s a fun project that tastes great at the end. This pizza is topped with pepperoni, red onion, fresh basil and fresh cracked pepper. A couple of weeks ago, I tried my hand at sourdough chocolate chip cookies. I cobbled together my own recipe from various online sources. They came out. . . Read More!


I’ve watched quite a few movies on TV over the last few days. Two Weeks Notice: Besides having a grammatically inaccurate title, this was an all right romantic comedy. Not fantastic, but not terrible. I don’t quite get why Sandra Bullock is so frequently cast as the awkward and slightly unattractive girl, but here it happened again. If you want a Hugh Grant romantic comedy, you’d do better with Music and Lyrics. B- Only You: It was on one of the HD channels, so I recorded it. I remembered liking. . . Read More!


I got to thinking yesterday about a line of clothing I loved, loved, LOVED in the 80s. The brand was Multiples — it was a line of various pieces in solids and patterns (in a cotton blend that didn’t require ironing), all boxy and elasticized and one-size-fits-all. Then you’d buy a “tube”, which could be used as a belt, or a bandeau, or a cowl neck, or a hood. I got my Multiples at the Bon March√©. I remember they had a huge display, with all of the items packaged. . . Read More!