No Dukes of Hazard in the Classroom

I’m listening to the live Pink Floyd album Delicate Sound of Thunder as I’m doing some work on updating the Basic Instructions site. A hell of a good album.

As for the BI site — we’ve put in a lot of work this holiday weekend. Not only are we moving the whole site to a host whose come-on includes the fact that they’re ready to handle big traffic surges, but we’re also moving the whole operation from Blogger to WordPress. About time — WordPress has a system specifically for Web comics, and so far it’s a dream to work with compared to Blogger.

Right now I’m tickling the RSS feed, getting it to forward through FeedBurner. Yesterday, we set up and designed the new site, and moved all of the archives over — two years’ of comic strips and news blogs. It was a busy day of computing.

Enter November

I’m getting more and more comfy with the new show. It’s a cute, silly little thing. I feel like now, I’ll be able to concentrate my creativity in another direction, instead of having my job utilize all of my creative juices.

I went gluten-free for a couple of weeks, and successfully gave blood on Thursday. And got yet another free t-shirt from the blood center. Makes me wish I still had a sewing machine, so I could cut it down and re-set the sleeves. Hmm, maybe a sewing machine will be on my Xmas list.

I’ll be hitting Target today, and I’ll definitely peruse the 50%-off Halloween candy.

The weather has warmed up, so people are no longer complaining as much. I mean, in the low 60s during the day? Get my parka, Mabel! Today it’s cloudy and will top out around 75 degrees, with perhaps a sprinkling of rain in the afternoon. Lovely.

All of the talk of the Twisted Flick this weekend has me missing that show a heck of a lot. We’re looking at booking a Seattle vacation maybe this next summer; we’d have to pick our dates really early, in order to use our frequent flier miles.