No Dukes of Hazard in the Classroom

I’m listening to the live Pink Floyd album Delicate Sound of Thunder as I’m doing some work on updating the Basic Instructions site. A hell of a good album. As for the BI site — we’ve put in a lot of work this holiday weekend. Not only are we moving the whole site to a host whose come-on includes the fact that they’re ready to handle big traffic surges, but we’re also moving the whole operation from Blogger to WordPress. About time — WordPress has a system specifically for Web. . . Read More!

Enter November

I’m getting more and more comfy with the new show. It’s a cute, silly little thing. I feel like now, I’ll be able to concentrate my creativity in another direction, instead of having my job utilize all of my creative juices. I went gluten-free for a couple of weeks, and successfully gave blood on Thursday. And got yet another free t-shirt from the blood center. Makes me wish I still had a sewing machine, so I could cut it down and re-set the sleeves. Hmm, maybe a sewing machine will. . . Read More!