I’ve watched quite a few movies on TV over the last few days.

Two Weeks Notice: Besides having a grammatically inaccurate title, this was an all right romantic comedy. Not fantastic, but not terrible. I don’t quite get why Sandra Bullock is so frequently cast as the awkward and slightly unattractive girl, but here it happened again. If you want a Hugh Grant romantic comedy, you’d do better with Music and Lyrics. B-

Only You: It was on one of the HD channels, so I recorded it. I remembered liking this movie back in the 80s, and it was still charming. I’m glad Robert Downey, Jr. is having a comeback — he’s even more attractive now than he was 20 years ago. B+

Enchanted: I finally forced Scott to watch it. Since buying the DVD, this was my third viewing. It’s just such a fun movie, and it both makes fun of and celebrates the classic Disney movies. A

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters: This was Scott’s trade-off for Enchanted. It was awesome! Who knew a documentary about Donkey Kong would make me angry and sad and delighted all in one package? If you get the channel, G4 is running it several times over the next couple of weeks. A

The Cutting Edge 2: Go for the Gold: ABC Family is running this one right now. It’s a marathon — the original was on just before, and number three (I didn’t know they’d made a number three!) is on next. Number two is awful compared to the first, which was a decent romantic comedy. They’d also like me to believe that Chicago has its own Space Needle and its own Kingdome. I can’t believe they didn’t have stock footage of the Chicago skyline. C-

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