TV: Fall Shows

The fall TV season is practically upon us! Our TiVo is going to get quite a workout.

Dancing with the Stars just announced this season’s stars a couple of days ago, and it’s a yawnfest of a list. I’ll check it out just for Susan Lucci, but otherwise, there’s nobody who interests me. I mean, Jeffrey Ross? I would have thought they’d have an incredible list of all-stars in the wings, what with the success of the show. But I guess not.

America’s Next Top Model is headed into its 11th “cycle” next week, with at least one short-haired gawky chick (they always get my vote, but never win) and a first — a transgendered girl (and looking at the pictures … it’s not the girl I thought). Awesome! This show always fills up my bitchy cattiness tank.

Survivor and The Amazing Race will both be hitting CBS in September. I’ve missed TAR — it’s still the best damn reality show on TV. And I’m really looking forward to Survivor being in HD for the first time. Although I’ll probably change my tune once I see the contestants’ bug bites and peeling sunburns in crispy clear focus.

Over on Bravo: Shear Genius comes to an end tonight, Project Runway is cooking along really well (Although, what the hell is Stella still doing there?), and Top Design will be back again shortly. Runway is the best of the three, but I’m glad that Design got another season.

In non-reality, House is back in a fortnight. Previews show Felicia Day (of Dr. Horrible/The Guild fame) as the ailing patient of the week. The networks are also giving us previews for late September and early October starts, including Pushing Daisies, Gray’s Anatomy, Heroes, and a few others. Sadly, no new Lost or Battlestar Galactica until 2009, but there’s plenty of other TV to fill the hole in my heart.

The only new shows that look interesting so far are J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and the BBC copycat Life on Mars. I’ll also check out Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse in January. As for the avoidables … 90210? Really, CW?

And how can I forget Hole in the Wall, the next American version of a Japanese game show? Yeehaw!

In conclusion, the only TV sadness right now is that The Middleman season ends next week. It’s been an absolutely delightful surprise of a show, and I hope ABC Family picks it up for another season.