Medical Update

So if you follow me on the social networks, you know there’s some stuff going wrong with me. Here’s the fuller scoop. A few months ago (July, to be precise) I had an outbreak of a rash. It looked like hives and acted like hives, flaring up at night when I worked, and fading away during the day when I was at home. Some days, the rash was accompanied by swollen and sore joints — mainly fingers, hands, elbows and knees. After about a month or so, it slowly got. . . Read More!

DIY Font

My attention was directed today to Your Fonts, a site that will generate your own handwriting as a font for FREE. I’ve made several handwriting fonts in the past, but it’s been a labor-intensive process of drawing/editing each character, then compiling them in a font creation program. This was much quicker and easier. They give you a template to print out. You fill in each letter and character. Scan it back in, upload it, and in a trice, you have a font of your handwriting! It took maybe 15 minutes. . . Read More!