Internet Radio Experiment, Part 1: & Pandora

A couple of months ago, my hard drive crashed. Fortunately, I’d backed up all of my documents and pictures to an offsite service (Amazon S3, if you’re wondering) but I didn’t back up my music. There was just way too much of it. So the end result is that I kept the important stuff, but lost a lot of music I probably didn’t listen to very much anyway. I reloaded what music I had on a few MP3 CDs, and I still have some old backup DVDs full of stuff,. . . Read More!

This Week in TV

We had family visiting on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a lot of fun, but also tough as far as TV viewing goes. Those are prime viewing nights! So on Friday we caught up on a lot of shows, and today I tackled some stuff that’s just mine. Warehouse 13: This was the season finale; the show was a short-run summer series. It improved throughout the season, and I’d say they’re finally figuring out what the show should be. It’s already renewed for another season, and I’ll continue to watch.. . . Read More!

Google Reader: Thumbs Up!

For quite some while now, I’ve been using LiveJournal as my RSS reader. Then, suddenly, their feeds stopped updating, and there was a huge hole in my morning reading routine. So I decided to try out Google Reader for all of my feed-read needs. So far, it’s nice. I do wish I could customize the color scheme the way I can with Gmail, but it’s not an option (yet). You may wonder, do I really read that many blogs? Can’t I just go to the blogs themselves, instead of consolidating. . . Read More!

Oh snaps, this TV's getting real

It was a huge couple of days for new TV. I could barely watch it all. The Biggest Loser brought in the heaviest crew so far. We only started watching this show last year, so I only have one season’s experience to draw on. There were a lot of heartwarming stories, and horrifying stories, and tear-jerking stories. My favorite to win right now is Rebecca of the pink team. Don’t know why she stood out to me, but she did. Although the premiere episode pissed me off in the end,. . . Read More!

ABC gently breaks my heart

It would appear that this past Sunday’s episode of Defying Gravity, episode #8, will be the last one we’ll get to see. Episode #9 is scheduled to air in Canada (and oh, how I miss getting Canadian TV stations) but none of the rest seem to be on anyone’s schedule. Yes, it’s Grey’s Anatomy in space. Yes, it’s hard-to-swallow characters and situations, and there’s a lot of suspension of disbelief required. But I was still enjoying the show. It doesn’t hurt that Ron Livingston is so good-looking, and I like. . . Read More!

Fall Reality Season: GO!

I just watched the 2-hour premiere of America’s Next Top Model. This season, the contestants can be no taller than 5’7″. Thank goodness, it appears that crazy doesn’t discriminate. Unfortunately, the most insane girl, a weird jesus freak, dropped out. But we still have the strangely quiet girl, the angry girl, the hick, the girl with the broken foot, and a passel of other tiny lovelies. The most startling thing so far is that Tyra looks like a frightening monster next to these girls. It’s like seeing a beautiful Hagrid. . . Read More!

Either way, it's weird.

  This could be read two ways. The company could be called “JUS BLAZE,” with the crafty use of a dollar sign in place of the letter S. Granted, that doesn’t make any sense as far as grammar or spelling or anything.  Or, it could just have an artsy dollar sign to separate the words “JU BLAZE.”  I really, really hope it’s the first one. Read More!

Here's the new blog, same as the old blog.

I’m in the process of exporting my blog entries from elsewhere and putting them up here.  There’s a bit of editing; apparently the export/import process doesn’t like special characters like the cents-sign or the copyright symbol.  Plus, I’m culling out a bunch of crap, like quizzes and memes and other boring stuff. That’s not to say I’m not leaving some boring stuff in. Overall, I took 2600 blog posts and culled them down to 255.  And of those, 84 have to do with American Idol.  Most of those are episode. . . Read More!