"40 Biopsies" will be my new band name

I know, I know … I haven’t watched American Idol yet today. I’ll get to it this afternoon. I’ve had a busy couple of days.

So last week, both the dermatologist and the rheumatologist were all, “We don’t know what’s wrong with you!” The best they could come up with was either a hypersensitivity to some medication I’m taking (which isn’t it, since I haven’t been on a single medication consistently throughout this rash) or a hypersensitivity to something else going on in my body.

Today I went and had a colonoscopy. Yesterday was the prep — no solid food all day, followed by drinking viscous, salty water in the evening to clean things out. I don’t wish this procedure on anybody. Anyhoo, I went in at 6:30am, they knocked me out around 7:30, and by 8:15 I was awake and pretty lucid. The gastroenterologist came by and we chatted.

My Crohn’s disease is active not only in the lower part of the large intestine, but also up in the small intestine. Lots of activity in there. The doctor took a whopping 40 biopsies from my innards. It’s an impressive number. But in a weird way, it’s nice to know that my disease is so active. It makes me hope that the rash and the swollen joints are connected, and if we can get the Crohn’s under control, we can also get the other crap under control.

I go back in two weeks to get all of the biopsy results (they’re going to have me do some new blood tests too) and we’ll chat about getting me off the old meds, and onto some of the shiny new medications (Remicade, Humira) that apparently do really well.

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