Ticket Purchase: HUGE SUCCESS

My excitement levels are rising every day, for something that’s not happening for over two months. Forget Thanksgiving, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, or even New Year’s Eve. What I’m looking forward to is January 14th, when Jonathan Coulton plays his first concert in Orlando.

You Seattleites have it so good. JoCo plays there practically every couple of months. It’s about time you shared the love!

This concert will also most likely be our first big trip to downtown Orlando. We’ve driven past downtown a couple of times, and I’ve visited places on the outskirts once or twice, but we’ve never really been down, down, downtown. We were actually hoping he’d play our House of Blues, but he’s opted to play some joint called The Social.

It wasn’t until I combed through my blog archives that I realized, I knew of JoCo four long years ago; I posted a link to his cover of Baby Got Back.

I’ve had “Flickr” stuck in my head for days. So here’s the video:

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