Nutty Nut Bars

I’m working on a bar to replace protein bars in our lives. Sure the pre-packaged ones are easy, and some of them are pretty tasty (I’m looking at you, Think Thin line), but most of them are packed with chemicals and preservatives and other bonus features we don’t need. These aren’t exactly high-protein, but they could be if I added more protein powder. Work in progress! For a batch of bars: 2.5 oz macadamia nuts 2 oz pecans 1 oz almond flour 1 oz shredded flaked coconut (unsweetened) 1 scoop. . . Read More!

Repating Tile Backgrounds

I wanted a new background for my Twitter. I’d found a site previously that let you build your own repeating pattern, and fortunately, I managed to find it again. Over at BGPatterns you can build a simple repeating background. And if you’re me, and crazy, you’ll take their pattern, pop it into Photoshop, put four tiles together, change the colors around, and end up with a rainbow of skulls on a field of black. Feel free to copy and use them … if you can handle the AWESOMENESS. Read More!

Egg Whites Make Magic

Here are a couple of other recipes that got posted to Facebook, but never made it here to the old blog. They’re both based in the magic of egg whites. Meringues! (low carb recipe) These are still a work in progress. I’m having a hell of a time getting my egg whites stiff enough. Maybe I’m just a wee bit cowardly about overbeating them. I should just take some egg whites and beat them until they’re too beaten, just so I know what to look for. Anyhoo, these are made. . . Read More!

Low-Carb Cookie Sandwiches

I can’t believe this one made it to Facebook, but not to the blog. Because they’re delicious. Cookie Sandwiches (low carb recipe) Cookies: 1 cup ground nuts (I threw a handful of macadamias and a handful of pecans into my food processor, then pulsed until they were finely done.) 1/2 cup almond flour 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 1/2 cup Splenda (12 packets) 1 Tbsp spices (I opted for 2 tsp. allspice and 1 tsp. cinnamon) 3 Tbsp butter, softened 2 eggs Mix everything together, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.. . . Read More!

A Multitude of Medications

Well, my gastroenterologist’s office went to bat with the drug insurance company, and my Cimzia is now covered. I won’t have to pay $1500 per dose, huzzah! And I only ended up injecting 5 days late, so there shouldn’t be any issues. I’m also able to get the prescription filled at my local pharmacy, which is SO much more convenient than mail-order. You’d think it would be the other way around, but since this is a drug that needs to be refrigerated, they send it FedEx overnight. And since it. . . Read More!

Ice Cream 3: Mean Mr. Custard

So the next ice cream step is egg yolk as an emulsifier and stabilizer. And there are two options for eggs: raw, or heated in a custard. Everything I’ve read tells me that regular raw eggs are OK for everyone except the elderly, pregnant ladies, and immune-suppressed people. I’m not elderly yet (although I plan on being a most cantankerous old broad), and I’ll never be a pregnant lady, but the meds I take for my Crohn’s disease are indeed immunosuppressants, so raw is out. I’ve heard that pasteurized in-shell. . . Read More!

WBCOOP already?!

I’ve played in this blogger tournament at Poker Stars for the last four years. Never made “the money”, but it’s always a good quality group of players. It may not surprise you that I go by “themissy” at Poker Stars, so if anyone out there is playing, you may see me there. They require players to post the following widget: I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP. . . Read More!

Greetings from Skullcrusher Mountain

Last night, we attended the Jonathan Coulton concert. This was his first time playing in Florida, and I think he’ll be back. The crowd was awesome (and what a fascinating, geek-tee-shirt wearing, bearded demographic he has), even though at this particular club (The Social) there’s no seating, so we stood for ~4 hours. This morning my back hurts, but my head is happy. My friend Sarah took a picture of me and Scott with JoCo; she was the only one with a working camera with a flash (and it was. . . Read More!

More Snappies

I was visiting the daily Dear Abby column over on Yahoo!, and saw this frightening ad over on the right: Now, I’ve seen plenty of the “Obama urges moms to go back to school” kind of ads. They’re on Web sites, on Facebook, every ding-dong place. but this was my first encounter with Obama encouraging a serial killer to get discounts on car insurance. It’s not through Geico; he’s not a caveman. SHUDDER. Meanwhile, I saw this truck the other day while driving around with my parents. Stay classy, dude.. . . Read More!