Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Shortbread-Like Cookies

Scott’s been speaking lately of shortbread. Although in a Disney household like ours, we frequently refer to it as “shorts-bread”. If you’ve had the shorts-shaped shortbreads (Say that 5 times fast!) from the Disney parks, you’ll know the deliciousness to which I refer. I have this coconut flour, which is really cool stuff. So I figured I’d try my hand at something at least resembling shortbread. And while I’m in the same city as shortbread, and perhaps in the next neighborhood over, these didn’t quite make it. Although they’re pretty. . . Read More!

A Bouncing Baby Ukulele

I got a new musical instrument last week. It’s like a couple of musical instruments I already have, but it’s SO SO different. My new baby is the center instrument — a Kala Makala concert ukulele. “Concert” is a size — the next size up from soprano, which is the smallest of the ukes. The right-hand ukulele is a soprano, my old cheap Johnson (my, that sounds a little dirty). I felt ready to move up to something that sounds better and is a little higher quality. Mind you, this. . . Read More!

The Best Roller Skating Movies Ever Made

I dig roller skating. And yes, there are movies all about roller skating, like Roll Bounce and Roller Boogie. But I really prefer movies that are about other things (political wranglings, dystopian futures) that just happen to have a boatload of roller skating involved. So here are three recently-viewed movies full of craptacular magic on 8 wheels. #3: Rollerball (1975) – I haven’t seen the 2002 remake. I don’t think I want to see it, so the total cheese of the 1975 version remains at the forefront of my memory.. . . Read More!