A Disappointing "Farmers' Market"

I’ve given our local farmers’ market three tries now. And it’s three strikes. When I think of a “farmers’ market”, I think of fresh, local foods. Produce, meats, dairy. And I know there are tons of these things around; the grocery stores frequently carry local fruits, and there are cattle grazing on pasture not five minutes from my apartment in pretty much any direction. Maybe my expectations were too high. I expected, since the sign said “Farmers’ Market”, that there would be more than one actual farmer represented. Unfortunately, there. . . Read More!

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Take 1)

I’m enjoying the ongoing coconut flour experiments. This time, I went for a classic: chocolate chip cookies. Please bear in mind, these aren’t specifically low-carb chocolate chip cookies. I used actual sugar and actual chocolate chips in this one. Although if they’re going to just be a treat, and if you’re on maintenance, they can certainly fit into a low-carb lifestyle. There are two main problems with using the coconut flour. One is that the cookies don’t flatten and spread like wheat flour cookies do. They stayed in virtually the. . . Read More!

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I’ve been slacking on updating as of late. But it’s not my fault! Well, it kind of is. I’ve been reading my face off some more. I returned my stack of five big, heavy hardcover library books, and somehow ended up with another stack of five. All of which I need to get through in the three-week borrowing period. Plus, I’ve been playing a video game. I don’t know how all of you out there are, but when I’m gaming, I’m a collector. I have a need to tackle all. . . Read More!