Photodump: Bunnies, Books, and Obscenely Early Holidays

That’s right, another load of snappies from the phone camera. I’m going to head to the T-Mobile store this weekend (and when I say “weekend”, for me I mean “Wednesday and Thursday”) to fondle some of the newer Android phones. My G1 is getting a little creaky. Maybe I’ll even get a phone with one of those anemic little flashes — that would open up my snapshottery to a whole new level. In that I could take pictures in dark places. And after all, dark places are where some of. . . Read More!

I See Some White Shorts and I Want to Dye Them Black

I visited Old Navy the other day, and was delighted to find that they had half the store on clearance. A huge section was dedicated to white shorts in all lengths. I got a couple of pairs, since Old Navy’s shorts fit my pear-shaped butt fairly well. But white shorts have a problem — a HUGE problem, if most of your undergarments are colorful. That’s right: VISIBLE UNDIES. Scourge of the warm-weather world. So I figured I’d keep one white pair (to only be worn with flesh-toned underthings, I swear). . . Read More!

Photodump: Skywriting, Business Cards, Furries

Can I say once again how much I love having a cameraphone? I only wish it were as good as Scott’s. His pictures come out with much better color balance, and his phone even has an anemic little flash. Who’s jealous? Me, that’s who. First off, our local skywriter-for-god had a fantastic weather day the other day. Clearly not too breezy up there; some days, the first letter is blown into a smear before he’s done with the second. Also, he was kind enough to write his messages so that. . . Read More!

Top 7: Jobs

Top 7. Because 5 is never enough, but I’m too lazy for 10. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. Like many, I started my work career at age 15-1/2, which was something of a labor-law rule back in the 80s. Is it still? Anyhoo, ever since that first job bagging groceries (with the title of “courtesy clerk”), I’ve moved around through a lot of workplaces. Retail? Restaurant? Outdoors? Office? Hospitality? Been theres, done those. From customer service to bank teller to webmaster. But of all of my. . . Read More!

Basic Instructions: Behind the Scenes

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over three years since I drew a guest comic for Basic Instructions. My first was the aptly titled “How to Have a Guest Artist Draw Your Comic Strip.” Now I have an additional strip under my belt (which you should go read first, if you haven’t already), and since I had to re-learn how to draw and assemble a strip in the Scott Meyer way, I figured I’d give a little behind-the-scenes peek at how Basic Instructions gets made. First off, there’s the idea.. . . Read More!

The Fall 2010 TV Season

Every network is smothering us with ads for the new fall season, so I went to the ol’ TV Guide site to map out what we’ll be recording. Boy, I guess scheduling the TiVo won’t be as hard as I thought it would be. What with Lost done, and must-sees like American Idol not showing up until mid-season, there aren’t really any bottlenecks. I only have two brand-new shows on my list, and I don’t necessarily expect them to stay on the list for long. Here’s what we’ll be watching. . . Read More!

Top 7: Duran Duran Songs

Yes, top 7. Because 5 is never enough, but I’m too lazy for 10. What better way to launch a new category — my personal top 7 lists — than with the songs from my favorite band, Duran Duran. They’re still as fantastic to me now as they were 28 years ago. I have to make some tough choices, since their discography includes 14 albums, as well as numerous B-sides, demos, and other rare songs that didn’t make it onto an LP. My MP3 collection, which is incomplete (but has. . . Read More!

A Dump from the Camera Phone

What did we do before our phones had good-quality cameras attached? I know what I did — carried a point-and-shoot in my purse. And before that, I just missed out on being able to share random things I see. But since blogs didn’t exist then, none of us knew what we were missing. Onward, to things I’ve photographed! I don’t ever want to get into a car accident with a vehicle that reads “prepare to meet god” anywhere on it. It seems more like a threat than a recommendation, you. . . Read More!