Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried peanut butter cookies. There was a semi-failure a while back, in which I tried the “amazing” flourless peanut butter cookie recipe that’s all over the internets. Well, they weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either. Not moist, not chewy. More crumbly and powdery than anything. So when I asked a coworker if he wanted something baked for his birthday, and he asked for peanut butter cookies, I figured it was the perfect time to adjust, experiment, and cobble together something better. Please note,. . . Read More!

Photodump: All You Need Is (Insert Need Here)

I am so far behind on various projects, but at least I can catch up on dumping pictures from the cameraphone. It’s quick! It’s easy! It’s fun (for me, at least)! It’s getting colder here in Florida, which means I needed to pull out the heater for the winter. Sometimes, when we three are curled up around the parabolic magic, Scott has his fan on. But it’s three against one, so Scott is wrong. Our female cat is more “my” cat. The big fat boy leans a little more toward. . . Read More!

Statistically Speaking

I have three sources of statistics for this blog. Two of them are provided by my hosting company: Webalizer (which is ugly as sin) and AWStats. The third source is Lijit, who provides the handy search box and my one experimental ad. (And let me just say, I really REALLY want that TiVo remote with QWERTY keyboard they’ve been showing a lot lately.) They don’t all agree on specific numbers, which is perplexing. For example, this past Monday, November 15th, I got either 386 visitors, 285 visitors, or 478 visitors.. . . Read More!

Wellness Biometric Screening

A lot of workplaces lately are offering discounts or bonuses on health insurance based on biometric screenings. I went and had mine today, even though I think the whole thing is … well, if not a complete pile of bull, then a bunch of somewhat-wrongs wrapped up in a bow. The screening consisted of several parts. Here’s why they all suck: 1. BMI: First, they measured my height and weight, and used a chart to show my BMI, or body mass index. Now, for someone of my average height (5-foot-4). . . Read More!

Easy Spaghetti Sauce / Chili Base

When I was growing up, my folks used to make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce every now and again. Seems like we always had some in the freezer, and it was always freakin’ delicious. I learned to make it, and just threw down a batch the other day. It works as spaghetti sauce. It works in a lasagna. And if you chuck a can of beans and some cumin into it, it’s an awesome chili. I say “easy” in that it is indeed easy, but this is a simmered. . . Read More!

Photodump: More Feet Than You Expect

We’ve had a busy time lately in general. And as always, I take pictures of every damn thing. This pop machine at work (I refuse to say soda, Florida!) is having issues. I don’t think the bottles inside can truly be considered “ice cold” anymore. We went bowling with friends a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that bowling shoes were getting so groovy! Scott’s were orange with flames. Mine were this fantastic lime green, one of my two favorite colors. The bowling balls were also an awesome. . . Read More!

Colonoscopy 2010!

So a part of having Crohn’s disease is getting looked at from the inside more often than the average bear. Most people are encouraged to have a colonoscopy every 5 years starting at age 50, or age 40 if there’s a history of colon cancer in your family. Me, I get to be scoped every two years. Although this time we did it a bit early; I’ve been on a new medication for a year, and we wanted to see what kind of healing it’s been doing. So it’s actually. . . Read More!