A Mini Staycation

I’ll admit, a staycation is probably a lot more fun here in Orlando than it is in a lot of other cities. Scott’s younger brother visited us for a few days, so we took time off and checked out some places we hadn’t yet visited. We also got in a good little chunk of Disney, of course.

I’m hosting these snappies over at Flickr — I’ve been receiving notices that my site is going over some allotment of something, since I’m on the cheapest possible plan. It’s probably my penchant for pictures that puts me over bandwidth, so hopefully this will ease the pressure on my tiny site. Anyhoo, onward!

Our first day was Disney. We hit the Studios for the big three rides there, then moseyed over to the Magic Kingdom. After a half-dozen rides, we stopped at Aloha Isle for some Dole Whip. While there, we saw this foursome. Now, it was my understanding that adults weren’t allowed to wear costumes inside the MK, except during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. There was no party this particular night, so I was surprised to see a quartet of crazy getups. The hidden girl is in a full, actual Snow White costume. Next to her, I’m calling the girl “Sexy Minnie”. Following them were the boys — a cowboy with butterfly wings, and what I can only describe as a sexy Nazi costume. Perplexing!

Day 2: Universal! We visited both parks when we came down to find an apartment, almost 4 years ago. Hadn’t been back since. And there were several rides that were new to me — on our last visit, we rode Dueling Dragons first and I was queasy the rest of the day, so I didn’t go on Spiderman or The Hulk. This time we Hulked (which was awesome), and hit the all-new Harry Potter section of IoA. Welcome … to Hogwarts castle.

The warnings list for the new Forbidden Journey ride is massive, and yet they didn’t include a very important one. I think arachnophobia should be among the warnings. Seriously. Also, this ride (as well as most big Universal rides) requires you to put your whatnot in a locker before riding. I’m glad I remembered the locker issue, and just loaded my crap into my pockets and safety-pinned my pockets shut.

The ride was well-themed — the most impressive job I’ve seen Universal do. But I won’t ride it again anytime soon, since a goodly portion of it was motion-simulator, and as such made me queasy. A shame.

They did have plush shark hats over near the Jaws ride, which I forced Scott to put on. We didn’t buy one — I don’t think he’d be able to find many occasions to wear it. We went back out to CityWalk for lunch.

I saw signs for the BK Whopper Bar, and thought, “I HAVE to check that out!” I had visions of a full Fuddrucker’s-style toppings bar dancing through my head. Sadly, the Whopper Bar turned out to be a smallish Burger King. That’s it. I opted this day to not have it my way, and eat elsewhere.

Day 3 started at Disney, where we rode Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. Is it just me, or is Dinosaur better-lit these days? Seems like for a while, when something broke, they’d just turn the lights off on it. This time through, I could see almost everything. It’s still a pale imitation of the Indiana Jones ride out in California, but it’s all right.

Then we went to Gatorland! We’ve lived a mile away from this place for three years, and never visited before. Did we like it? Well, we upgraded our one-day admissions to annual passes. It was cute! And quaint! And chock full of fascinating animals. Especially …

TINY BIRDS! A room full of lorikeets, parakeets, and budgies, where you can buy a popsicle stick covered with birdseed for a buck and get covered in tickly cuteness. And yes, you really do need to watch your step — the birds walk all over the floor and up on your feet, so you have to kind of shuffle around.

Even Scott, who has a self-documented fear of birds, enjoyed our new avian overlords. This beautiful orange guy even got on Scott’s shoulder and licked his salty face. And now, thanks to annual passes, if I ever have a bad day I can just pop over to Gatorland, pay a buck, and get covered with tiny, happy, tickly birds.

We ended the day at Epcot. Scott observed that this mural at the front of Spaceship Earth looks like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. To which I say, a thousand times yes! The annual Food & Wine Festival is in full swing, but we did the German buffet at Biergarten instead. And it was a delicious sausage festival. (Heh heh.)

Today it’s back to work! Which means … back to Epcot. Love it!

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  1. You've Got Red On You

    You & Scott live in Orlando? Why did I think you lived in Seattle? I live there, and I just noticed a bunch of references to Seattle-area things, is all…

    missy Reply:

    We used to live in Seattle, but moved to Orlando four years ago.

  2. so that is how Scott looks like. i’m a big fan of his instructions but my imagination of his real face was kinda different :)) he seems like a calm man, is it true? i’m wondering since his comics is completely…well, you know :))

    missy Reply:

    He used to actually have the goatee, but had to shave it to work at Disney. They only allow me to have a moustache, and Scott and moustaches don’t go well together.

    He’s a pretty mellow guy. Nowhere near as paranoid/uptight as his comic strip counterpart.

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