Greetings from Skullcrusher Mountain

JoCo with Paul & Storm

Last night, we attended the Jonathan Coulton concert. This was his first time playing in Florida, and I think he’ll be back. The crowd was awesome (and what a fascinating, geek-tee-shirt wearing, bearded demographic he has), even though at this particular club (The Social) there’s no seating, so we stood for ~4 hours. This morning my back hurts, but my head is happy.

My friend Sarah took a picture of me and Scott with JoCo; she was the only one with a working camera with a flash (and it was her Blackberry, at that). So that’s still forthcoming. Lesson learned — take the good camera, not just the phone! We were concerned, because some venues really crack down on any photography, but The Social merely banned “really large video cameras”. Everything else was OK.

I’ve never been to a concert this intimate — almost all of my concertgoing experiences have been in massive arenas or sports stadiums. Even when I went to see the Puppini Sisters at the House of Blues, we were up on a balcony and were separated from the performers.

I actually got to help out a little bit with bringing JoCo and his family to WDW, so I got to meet him a couple of days ago. And I have to say: nicest. Guy. Ever. At the concert, when wandering around and mingling before and after the show, he called me by name. I gotta say, that’s an awesome feeling, having someone you think is so grand know who you are.