Million Dollar Money Drop

I’ll always give a new game show a chance. When Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? started, I watched Regis every single night. When Deal or No Deal did its week-long premiere, I didn’t miss a show. So this last week, the overly-literally-named Million Dollar Money Drop aired for four days in a row, and we watched them all.

The first night was the only one we watched in real-time. We discovered pretty fast that this is a show that needs to be watched from a recording, so you can fast-forward. Like so many game shows, this one could easily fit into a half-hour instead of an hour; it’s padded with long, lingering drama shots and endless bickering.

I think it’s the bickering I hate the most. The contestants have been, so far, male-female couples who are either married or dating/engaged. (And if there’s anything I’ve learned from watching every episode ever of The Amazing Race, dating/engaged couples who go on reality TV shows are irritating asshats who I want to junkpunch.) I’m pretty sure they’re encouraged by producers to talk out all of their answers, and question each other’s certainty. But what that turns into is:

Her: Are you SURE?
Him: I’m 100% sure.
Her: But … like, a million dollars sure?
Him: Yes! I’m totally, 100% sure of this answer.
Her: NO. WAIT. WAIT. I just … are you SURE SURE?

Like I said, junkpunch.

Cutting out the drama pauses, the bulk of the bickering, and most of the other filler, we’re able to get through an hour-long episode in about 15 minutes.

The good thing, I guess, about hating the contestants and their shrill screeching, is that over half of the first-week players didn’t win a single thing. They lost all of their money, and THAT was satisfying.

But the most awful thing about this show is that they’ve already had a major screw-up. Looks like their research wasn’t thorough enough, and they said a right answer was wrong, causing a couple to lose $800,000 on the fifth question (out of seven). Granted, the couple lost all their money on the last question anyway, but the show is still inviting them back to play again.

I may watch. I may not. If I do, I’ll have my junkgloves on.