Photodump: All You Need Is (Insert Need Here)

I am so far behind on various projects, but at least I can catch up on dumping pictures from the cameraphone. It’s quick! It’s easy! It’s fun (for me, at least)!

It’s getting colder here in Florida, which means I needed to pull out the heater for the winter. Sometimes, when we three are curled up around the parabolic magic, Scott has his fan on. But it’s three against one, so Scott is wrong.

Our female cat is more “my” cat. The big fat boy leans a little more toward Scott. The other day, my cat was a needy beast who wouldn’t leave me alone. Shadowed me everywhere, even into the shower. She was kind enough to stay there until I went and got my phone and pulled the curtain and liner back around her. Picture this, but with constant creaky mewing as she watched me get soaked in the water torture room.

Yesterday we visited a different Costco than usual, so we could go to the Costco liquor store. Sadly, they didn’t have the Kirkland Signature single-malt scotch. Apparently they only get a few cases once a year, and they sell out fast. We missed it by about a week. Instead, we got a 1.75L bottle of Maker’s Mark. It’ll last us a year! Our local Costco also doesn’t have the self-check lanes. We need these at our Costco! I’m totes jealous. Grocery stores here don’t have them either. Unless you count Wal*Mart as a grocery store, which I don’t.

Need a cake for Thanksgiving? How about a turkey that looks like someone’s junk? With a bloody nose? Who had a C-section?

It’s labeled as a “turkey football”. Sometimes our local Target gets some funny ideas about what makes a good cupcake cake. (As if there is such a thing as a good cupcake cake, right?) Although compared to some of the turkey cakes over at CakeWrecks, this one’s a stylish and graceful work of art.

But really, this is all you need.

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