Photodump: Bunnies, Books, and Obscenely Early Holidays

That’s right, another load of snappies from the phone camera. I’m going to head to the T-Mobile store this weekend (and when I say “weekend”, for me I mean “Wednesday and Thursday”) to fondle some of the newer Android phones. My G1 is getting a little creaky. Maybe I’ll even get a phone with one of those anemic little flashes — that would open up my snapshottery to a whole new level. In that I could take pictures in dark places. And after all, dark places are where some of the most fascinating things happen.

First off: BUNNIES! We frequently see one rabbit out grazing on the lawn near Epcot’s old kennel. But on this past magical Friday, there were TWO of them. I’m still dazzled by the wildlife all over the place. And in even more amazing news, yesterday there were THREE rabbits grazing by the kennel on my way out. But sadly, they were scattered around and as such, not easily photographed. There were no rabbits out today, so I guess Sunday is not my lucky bun-day.

This past week, I visited the Gastroenterologist’s office to get my monthly injections. There was a table with the usual outdated magazines in the waiting room, and then I happened upon this grouping of reading materials on a little shelf. I don’t know that I’ll ever again see three things more in contrast with each other sharing the same shelf space.

The big problem is that I’m so tied up with options regarding Breaking Dawn being crap, and being at the gastro office, that I can’t choose which way to go. Curse you, Stephenie Meyer!

I hate to see this. These dogs weren’t restrained in any way, and were sliding around in the bed of the truck when it was driving. Why is it that big white trucks account for more than their fair share of driving douchery? What is it about owning a big white truck that makes someone such a jerkbag? Just look out there, friends. Once you start keeping your eyes open to Big White Truck Syndrome, you’ll be shocked at how much bad behavior there is.

Oh, and don’t worry — as you can see, we were stopped at a red light when I took this.

Last but not least, COSTCO HAS CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT IN MID-SEPTEMBER. Since when is this OK? Here I thought it was still a tad bit early for all of the Halloween costumes, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but three full aisles of Xmas decorations. And come on — can you really call this awful thing a “lighted Santa” when it’s just a frame of stringy lights with Santa-colored tinsel garland draped on it? He looks more like he has a case of the glowing chicken pox. Or some sort of fluorescing mumps. Poor Santa.

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