Take It to the Mattresses

Moving across the country was a great thing. But a few mistakes were made. One of those mistakes was our choice of new mattress.

When we left Seattle, we got rid of our old queen bed — It was over a dozen years old, and we figured we’d get a king when we got to Orlando. That old queen was a great bed, though. I bought it at the Bon Marché in my single days, and it was still in good shape when we moved.

When we got to Orlando, we bought a pillowtop king. NEVER AGAIN with the pillowtop. Sure, it was comfy at first. But we soon realized that we couldn’t flip it over, since there was no pillow on the bottom. And we could rotate it, but that meant we each got each other’s former footzone under our heads. So it’s never been rotated. And now we each have a permanent butt-divot, so it’d be even more uncomfortable to rotate the thing.

We were at IKEA today, and checked out the mattresses. It appears that the IKEA method is to get a simple spring or foam mattress, then put a foam topper on that. I like this idea; the topper can be rotated and flipped, and if it gets worn out, it’s cheaper to replace than the whole mattress.

Does anyone have any experience with IKEA mattresses? Online reviews are mixed; either people hate them and find them supremely uncomfortable, or they’ve had one for 5-10-15 years and still love the hell out of it.

IKEA mattress and topper.

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  1. I’m not familiar with Ikea mattresses, but from what I’ve seen generally, price is your best guide.

    When I went bed shopping, (regardless of brand) there were always 3 types – soft, medium and hard (like the 3 bears!) It doesn’t matter what brand, put a soft person on a hard bed and they will hate it!

    The best test of “bed” I saw was when the sales dude got me to lay on the bed, then they would literally put all their weight on the bed and kneel. If I rolled into the middle – bad! If I didn’t – good!

    If you are dead set on a soft bed, then I would say be mindful of it’s life. Like you said, its not a matter of if the “softness” will go, it’s when.

    Regardless of what you choose, all I can say is the difference a good mattress makes is amazing!

  2. Hi Missy,

    my sister has an IKEA latex foam mattress and says it’s great. My parents also have one and like it. If you’re interested in a latex mattress, IKEA ones are by far the cheapest (at least down here in Australia…) but they seem to last well. My husband and I were recently in the market for a mattress ourselves but decided against latex because we find them too soft (we are medium-hard mattress people). Reading your post, I’m glad we didn’t get one with a pillowtop!

  3. I used to sell Select Comfort air mattresses (the “Sleep Number” bed) so I got an amazing deal on my first one… If you never want to buy another mattress for the rest of your life, find a Select Comfort store in one of your local malls and test-drive one. Take Scott with you, and if the salespeople are any good, they’ll encourage you to relax enough to nap… if you’re lying (laying? I never know) in the position you normally sleep, you’ll get a really good feel for how air can support you both – and you never have to flip or rotate; and if you did (which you can’t), they bed can be picked up with one hand! I have a 15-yr-old king-sized pillowtop with foundation that I’ve moved across the country and down the road 6 times in the last 8 years and it still acts like it’s brand new.

    Sorry for the sales pitch; I’ve only ever been successful at sales with products I believe in, and I know this is the best (and last) bed I have ever bought or will ever buy. Good luck – whatever you get, be sure to test it in the store for at least 20 minutes.

  4. Hi, Missy

    We have an IKEA mattress and topper. I think it’s called a SULTAN (at least it is here in the UK. I’m guessing it’s the same internationally). The mattress is great but don’t buy the bed that’s in the picture with your article. We have that too and we’re forever banging our shins on the frame.

    missy Reply:

    Yes, the mattress line is SULTAN here in the states as well. I think the frame in that picture is the MALM, which isn’t the one we’re considering. It was just the nicest picture of matress/topper I could find on their site. Although a little bit of ledge would be nice, since one of our elderly cats has a hard time hefting himself up onto the bed.

  5. We had a queen from Ikea (not their Top of the line but better than midrange) for 9 years or so. Rotated and flipped quarterly, it was great! No complaints! We got rid of it when we moved up to a king after our first daughter was born.

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