The Fall 2010 TV Season

Every network is smothering us with ads for the new fall season, so I went to the ol’ TV Guide site to map out what we’ll be recording.

Boy, I guess scheduling the TiVo won’t be as hard as I thought it would be. What with Lost done, and must-sees like American Idol not showing up until mid-season, there aren’t really any bottlenecks. I only have two brand-new shows on my list, and I don’t necessarily expect them to stay on the list for long. Here’s what we’ll be watching this fall:

8:00 House (FOX)
10:00 Castle (ABC)

I guess I could record Dancing with the Stars in its two-hour block from 8-10, but there isn’t a single celebrity who interests me this season. I know NBC is desperate for us sci-fi fans to check out The Event, but it doesn’t look interesting either. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll check out the Hawaii Five-0 reboot in the 10pm hour.

8:00 No Ordinary Family (ABC)
8:00 Glee (FOX)
8:00 The Biggest Loser (NBC) (via Hulu the following week)

Here’s the one spot of the week where three shows are on at the same time. But if No Ordinary Family turns out to be a steamer, the problem is solved. Last year, because of Lost, we watched The Biggest Loser via Hulu. They have a one-week delay on the episodes, but nobody spoiled me, and the season rolled on just fine. Not to mention our antenna isn’t that reliable with NBC, so we’d be using Hulu most of the time anyway. In other news, I’m still not sure why I watch Glee. I’ve figured out that I don’t like Matthew Morrison at all, but … I guess the music is usually interesting.

8:00 Survivor (CBS)
8:00 America’s Next Top Model (CW)

Wednesday appears to have become reality night. Survivor moved there from Thursday, which is actually a huge help. There’s also Hell’s Kitchen on at 9, but I removed the season pass halfway through this last season. It’s just a horrible show full of horrible people. Though some might say that about ALL reality TV.

8:30 Shit My Dad Says (CBS)
9:00 Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
9:00 Fringe (FOX)

We’ve dropped both CSI and The Office from the Thursday at 9 spot — CSI got boring once William L. Petersen left, and The Office is an NBC show: crappy antenna reception, and available on the Hulu. We’ll try out the new Shatcom, which I prefer to keep profane, but I have a sneaking feeling I’ll find it uncomfortably unfunny, like I find most sitcoms.

9:00 The Good Guys (FOX)

Wow, Friday. That’s it? Okay then.


There’s not a single thing. Then again, the schedule has college football listed for ABC, “local” for CW, lots of Cops on FOX, and NBC just reads “repeats” for the whole night. I guess that will be Netflix streaming night. Bring on The IT Crowd!

8:00 The Amazing Race (CBS)
9:00 Undercover Boss (CBS)

This is, clearly, feel-good reality night (as opposed to Wednesday, which I’m renaming backstabby reality night). The best reality show on TV (and the only one I’d want to be on), The Amazing Race will always be at the top of our season pass list. And Undercover Boss was charming last season. Hopefully they’ll adjust the formula a little bit, to make it just a splash less treacly.

So that’s what we’ll be watching this season. I keep thinking of trying out Bones, but they have so many seasons under their belt, it’d be hard to start now. Maybe we’ll check it out on DVD. I also keep hearing about Mad Men, but it doesn’t interest me. Not to mention all of the shows on HBO and Showtime, two channels we don’t get. But I think this will be more than enough.

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  1. Ouch! Not Mad Men? It has the well written story arc of (early) Soprano’s without the clichés.

    What about Family Guy? (Or have you had too much dick humour).

    And Weeds?

    missy Reply:

    I didn’t watch the Sopranos either. Just not interested. As for Weeds, I think it’s on Showtime or HBO, and I have a personal ick factor with the marijuana culture.

    I’ve tried Family Guy. It’s all right now and then, but a little goes a long way.

  2. Hi…Your post really got me thinking man….. an intelligent piece ,I must say.
    Okay, I had to let this one through. because the idea of a post about what TV shows I’m going to watch being “an intelligent piece” cracks me up. All the way up. ~M

  3. not to mention that he (she?) doesn’t realize you’re not a man?

    I worked Mad Men for three seasons (I was in the secretarial pool), which was fun while it lasted, but I never could get into watching it… and like Bones’ long run, it’s probably too late for you to start now anyway.

    I’m with you on Glee. Just can’t figure out why I like it. Don’t like the teachers except for Sue, don’t like the primary students (love the “peripherals”)

    missy Reply:

    Jane Lynch is far and away the best part of Glee.

    Maybe I write like a man. An intelligent man. 🙂

  4. New word: “Shatcom” Definition – a sitcom based on a funny premise that will completely fail to translate to the medium of television.

    Thanks Missy!

  5. Ahem. I’m sorry to say that MY first thought was that maybe he was calling YOU an intelligent piece. And I’m totally with you wrt Glee. I keep watching it, but….

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