Winter TV, Ahoy!

Well, well, well … if it isn’t the winter TV season. I don’t remember when we started breaking up the TV year into so many chunks, but I’m used to it now. Is February even still a sweeps period?

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at what’s coming up. The first season premiere is tomorrow: The Biggest Loser, a couples season which has three people topping Shay’s starting weight from last time. Which means it’s certainly possible the show will have its first 500-pound contestant. I love reality shows in the learn-and-improve-and-grow vein, although I do cringe whenever they do awkwardly acted bits about gum or Subway, and when the trainers give nutrtion advice regarding “healthy grains” and other low-fat BS.

Also this fortnight: American Idol is back with auditions starting on the 12th; I haven’t missed an episode yet, and I don’t plan on starting now. Thank goodness FOX and Time/Warner came to an agreement, so we still get FOX programming. Project Runway follows quickly on the 14th, with a new Lifetime season. They’re back to New York, which should be a refreshing return to “normal”. There’s also a second season of Models of the Runway, a half-hour fluffy bit of filler.

What Not to Wear is back on the 8th, and I’m terribly happy about that. I may wear t-shirts and jeans/shorts most of the year, but I’d like to think I could be fashionable if I really put my mind to it.

In fictional TV, the 11th brings the return of Fringe and Castle, which couldn’t be more different in tone, but I really enjoy them both. Except for Stana Katic’s mullet. House is also back on the same day. On the 14th, Grey’s Anatomy starts back up, which I think I may still watch out of habit. It’s probably jumped a half-dozen sharks by now.

We’re also very excited about Archer, coming to FX on the 14th. An animated spy show starring Jon Benjamin? It MUST be awesome.

The back half of the month, as well as early February, have a lot more juicy tidbits to offer. On my schedule: Human Target (1/17: Mark Valley is no Rick Springfield.); Caprica (1/22: Looks kind of weird, but I’ll give it a sporting chance.); Kitchen Nightmares (1/29: We may have fresh episodes of the BBC and FOX versions on at the same time, how exciting is THAT?!); Shear Genius (2/3: One of Bravo’s endless Runway clones, always good for drama.); Undercover Boss (2/7: CEOs go undercover in entry-level jobs in their companies — yet another copy of a British show.); Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (2/11: The magic part is that the all-stars have no idea who Russel is!); The Amazing Race (2/14: If you watch one reality show, let it be this one. The best reality show on TV.).

Oh, and there’s that little show Lost returning on 2/2.

What are you watching? What are you going to watch? What’s exciting you, or boring you?

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  1. BURN NOTICE!!! It rocks!

    I also like Bones, but not like Burn Notice.

    House, Castle, White Collar too. But. Not. Like. Burn Notice.

    missy Reply:

    We tried out Burn Notice (mostly for the Bruce Cambell) and it didn’t catch with me. I really didn’t care for the lead guy. To each their own!

  2. I don’t think you can go past Modern Family, V and the rest of Season 6 of The Office.

    And if you haven’t seen Pawn Stars then you should! That is the weirdest show!!

    missy Reply:

    We gave Pawn Stars a try — didn’t like the cast. It’s like Cake Boss; good concept, unlikeable people. We also gave V a shot, and stopped after the first couple of episodes.

    The Office is up against two other shows in the same time slot, so we’ve missed a lot of this season. We’ll have to catch up online. And that was the only sitcom I watched, so now I’m down to zero.

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