Come On, Google Reader!

I read a bunch of blogs, and use Google Reader to consolidate them all onto one page. But while Google Reader has its good points, it’s also kind of an idiot in a lot of ways. A huge portion of its idiocy comes from the “recommended sources” section — it sees what blogs you read, then recommends other blogs based on (I believe) what other Google Reader users read. But I wish it wouldn’t recommend: – Blogs I already currently read (at the exact same address) – Blogs I used. . . Read More!

This Is Why 90% Is Not 100%

So you may remember that when we visited the vet last time, he proclaimed that, looking at the swelling around Commie’s eye (which was unresponsive to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and steroids), he was “90% sure it’s cancer”. Here’s how Commie’s eye looked back on the 9th: His eye wasn’t visible anymore behind the swelling and growths. So we watched, and waited, and cuddled, and loved him up good. And he stayed the same for a while. Then, a week ago, we noticed some changes. Good changes. REALLY good changes. This is. . . Read More!

Home, Work, Life

I think this item stuck to the fridge describes my January perfectly: That’s right. The week before I lose my job, I get to go do jury duty. And it’s not even on a workday, so it’s stealing away one of my weekend days. I’ve been called for JD four times in my life, while Scott’s never been called. Where’s the fairness, I ask you? So yeah, I’m losing my job. You may already know that the game show I host at Disney was on a three-year contract with the. . . Read More!

Bunless Burger: Five Guys

Previously, I had a bunless burger at Fuddrucker’s as part of our moving weekend feasting. And it was a delightful thing. I’ve had bunless burgers at other places: Burger King puts everything into a little bowl, Red Robin wraps it in lettuce leaves, even the noisy and hideous T-Rex restaurant serves theirs on a plate with decent fixings. So I decided to try going bunless at Five Guys Burgers & Fries. At least I can still have the fries, which are always fantastic. No gluten in those little fellas. What. . . Read More!

The Ides of (Gluten-Free) January

We’re halfway through the month, and I’ve kept it gluten-free. Even when eating out, there’s almost always a viable option or two (or more). And since we moved last week, there were a number of eating-out nights. Logan’s Roadhouse was easy — a nice steak, with grilled veggies and a crouton-free salad. Plus all the free peanuts you can eat. We discovered a brand-new location of the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s near the new place. I’d heard about them before, but there weren’t any in Washington, and the nearest Florida. . . Read More!

Jambalaya Soup

File this one under both gluten-free and low-carb. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this soup before. You know how there are some recipes you make all the time, and love, and you don’t even have them written down because you know them so well? This is one of those. So I’m going to give approximations on things like spices, since I’m used to just dumping in what looks right. This soup originated as an actual jambalaya recipe. But when we went low-carb, we couldn’t do the rice part anymore.. . . Read More!

Cat Update

So the cats are settling in to the new apartment really well. They’re such great cats. The little deck is apparently fascinating as heck, but it’s been breezy here the last few days. So they’re anxious to go explore, but neither one likes being out in the wind. Hopefully we’ll have a still day soon, so they can really explore and enjoy all of the outdoor smells. As for poor Commie, he’s doing pretty well. Still eating, drinking, purring, cuddling. His eye continues to look worse every day, and he. . . Read More!

Moving Weekend

What a way to start 2011 — moving the house. Or, well, the apartment. At any rate, we moved all of our stuff from one off-white box to another off-white box. Our reasons for moving were manyfold, but the primary one was the fact that we were paying too much at the old apartment. The market is soft here in Orlando, and everyone everywhere was lowering their prices. Our complex, however, offered to generously keep our too-(damn)high rent the same for another year, so we generously decided to move elsewhere.. . . Read More!