Photodump: Ducks, Apostrophes, Fingerlessness!

First off, WordPress 3.1 is out. Its name is Reinhardt. If you’re a WordPresser, get some! Secondly, The American Idol top 24 performances start tomorrow. In years past, over on LiveJournal, I used to run contests guessing who’d be eliminated every week. Is anyone out there interested in participating this year? Looks like there are some real good’uns, and some fantastic crapburgers this season. Thirdly, as I’m previewing this post on my site, there’s an ad over to the side —> for a lawyer who looks like he wants to. . . Read More!

The Tiny Bathroom Litterbox Solution

In this new apartment, our bathroom is probably half the size of the bathroom in the old apartment. And the old apartment had this kind of nook in the corner, where I’d presume you put your chair to make it into sort of a vanity where you’d sit and do your hair and apply your makeup. But for us, it was the perfect spot to put the cats’ litterbox where it would be out of the way. The options are made extra-few because this new bathroom has two doors: one. . . Read More!

Daytona Beeyotch

We took a wee road trip today. Recently we finished off our ginormous bottle of Red Robin’s seasoned salt, so I proposed a lunch voyage to RR. Not only is it a source of seasoning, but it’s also a chance to have a tastes-like-home meal. Since Red Robin is from Seattle. I also feel homey in Costco. But strangely, I don’t head off to Nordstrom that frequently. Hmm. There are now six Red Robin locations in Florida. But the closest one to Orlando is around 55 miles away, in Port. . . Read More!

Pet Photography Made Easy

I’ve learned how to get Commie to hold his head still long enough to take a picture. Or at least, to get one or two good shots out of a dozen. Hold the camera in one hand, twisted around at an awkward angle to keep a finger on the shutter. And use the other hand to shine a laser pointer on your own forehead. (But don’t shine it in your eye. I think we can all agree, that’s bad.) Here you can see that the eye is still a wee. . . Read More!

Photodump: Catty Valentinemas, Whorini!

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Not a holiday I choose to celebrate, because I don’t eat candy and I don’t like flowers. Live plants are cool — I just don’t like a big handful of dying things. Although there’s always a cupcake cake … I think it’s supposed to be a heart. Covered with bon-bons. Which are made out of poop-colored frosting. It’s too late in the season to send this over to our friends at CakeWrecks, so here it is. This was at our nearest Target, where the bakery. . . Read More!

Whole Foods, Gluten, Cat’s Eye

In order of importance, I’ll start with the cat. We took Commie to the vet yesterday, where both vets came in to visit us, because they were both completely flabbergasted that his eye is almost back to normal. Shocked, they were! His eye still has a little bit of a cloudy spot on it, which may be permanent damage from the month or so that it was completely hidden by swelling. The vets have no idea what happened. Or why it fixed itself. I believe both of them used the. . . Read More!