Photodump: Vistor and Early Summer

Summer has arrived early here in Florida. Although it was partly cloudy today. Horrible, right? Right. Temperatures are around 90 degrees right now, with humidity to match. I’m working outside, but at least I’m working in the shade, so it’s tolerable. As for the job, it’s going well. I’ve learned that (a) I’m physically stronger than I thought, and (b) I’m much stronger now than I was a month ago. Not that I’m all muscley or anything, but 50-pound suitcases are way easier to lift. I’ve had more than one. . . Read More!

New Job: Week 1!

I just finished working seven out of the last eight days at the new job, and boy are my legs tired. For those who don’t know, I’ve moved over to the resorts arm of the Disney empire. My eventual job will be “Bell Dispatch”, in which I’ll work in a little booth with a computer, telling the bellmen (I keep wanting to call them bellhops) where to pick up guests and their luggage, and where to take them. Thing is, I’m not scheduled for my classroom sessions at Disney University. . . Read More!

How Did That Happen?

Heard a bunch of sirens this morning, and peeked out the window to see several fire trucks heading to the other side of the apartment complex. A while later I looked outside, and then had to go over to the pond to take this picture: It appears that some residents set fire to their deck. This is actually a very impressive feat. See, the deck planks are nice, solid 2x4s. And I watched these dozen-or-so firemen pry out planks and pass them over to the guy on the ladder, who. . . Read More!